Good Neighbor Drive

The Phil Long Family of Dealerships and KOAA-TV are partnering to highlight six different charities that directly assist people that are in most need. We are looking to you to join us as we do what we can to make life better for others. The Good Neighbor Drive for the month of April will focus on TESSA to provide non-perishable food items and sundries.

Please be part of this community outreach and support the KOAA-TV and Phil Long Good Neighbor Drive. During the month of April, drop off needed items for TESSA located in Colorado Springs at any Southern Colorado Phil Long Dealership.

On Saturday, April 26th, stop by Phil Long Ford Chapel Hills with your donation for TESSA and stay for free refreshments. Together, we can and will make a difference.

Items Needed:

TESSA is continually looking for partners in the community to help us with current and ongoing needs. If you, your
business, church or a club you are a part of feel inclined to give to a local organization focused on helping those
in need in our community, please take a minute to read over the needs listed below! If you have any questions
about items that might not be listed, please feel free to contact
TESSA's Donor Specialist, Chenelle Palmer, at or 719.785.6833.

Ongoing Needs:
Gift Cards or Certificates (increments of
$15, $20, or $25 or more)
Grocery Stores
Phone/Calling Cards
Hardware Stores
Gasoline Cards

City Bus: 719.385.7433
Taxi Cab

Home Goods
Cleaning supplies
Paper products
Bath towels
Plastic stepstools with rubber
traction for bathrooms
Night lights
Flash Drives
New undergarments of all sizes
Non-perishable food

Group Collections/Directed Drives
If you have a group
interested in doing a
collection, please contact
719.785.6833 for details
and items.


If you are in a life threatening emergency, please call 911

TESSA's Crisis Line (24/7): 719.633.3819

Main Office Phone: 719.633.1462
Main Office Fax: 719.632.2342