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Nuns on the Bus tour rolls into Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS - Going door to door around election time is pretty common on the campaign trail, but some Colorado Springs residents got a visit from a very unusual group when it comes to politics, some nuns. They didn't look like your typical nuns, they were full on sisters. For the Nuns on the Bus tour they thought it...

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1 hour 45 minutes ago

Bed bugs can be a problem at businesses

A company in our area being treated for pests has highlighted an unusual problem in the Colorado Springs area -- bed bugs in the work environment. After receiving calls from people concerning the Xerox Customer Care facility on Garden of the Gods Road, we asked a company spokesperson if... Read Story

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5 hours 45 minutes ago

Ebola: Nurses Speak Out

Doctors and health officials in Dallas are removing names from the list of people at risk for the deadly Ebola virus. 43 people who had contact with Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan before he was hospitalized have been removed from a Centers for Disease Control watch list after passing... Read Story

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6 hours 34 minutes ago

Wasp Spray To The Rescue

A Berlin, Pennsylvania convenience store clerk armed herself with a can of bug spray over the weekend after a being approached by an attempted robber. What began as a typical Sunday night shift became anything but for Annabelle Miller after a woman, wearing a mask, came through the front... Read Story

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