Sep 4, 2010 12:46 AM by Matt Stafford

"What if" scenario actually was the case for concerned Springs parents

Clifton Morgan has been upset since Wednesday, when he found out his child's legs were bound together by a teacher while in class at Bates Elementary School Monday.

"It could cause bodily harm if there was a fire drill, bomb threat, you know, anything," Morgan, the child's father, said that to News First 5 Wednesday.

That statement turned out to be prophetic; the family found out Friday, Bates Elementary had a fire drill.

"He was rubber-banded during the fire drill," Morgan says. "He said he could hardly move his legs and they were really tight together."

During a meeting Friday, the child told District 11 personnel he was among the last to leave the building during the drill and felt "off balance" getting outside.

"It's a safety hazard," Morgan says.

While the district told News First 5 there was a fire drill on Monday at Bates, and that everyone made it out okay; they would not say if it happened while the student's legs were tied.

The teacher is on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

Morgan's child is back in class, showing some faith that Morgan still has in the school.

"I'm not really disgruntled with the school, it's more the situation and the teacher," Morgan explains. "We didn't want to keep him out but we didn't want him there as long as she (the teacher) was going to be in the classroom."

The family says district personnel told them that due to privacy issues, they will not be informed of any decision from the investigation. They did tell the family the incident is unacceptable and their child would be safe at school.

The family originally wanted more involvement from Colorado Springs Police. They say district personnel told them Friday that Springs Police have been contacted.



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