Apr 16, 2013 2:31 PM by Elaine Sheridan

12-year old brings gun to school in Pueblo West

The Pueblo Sheriff's Office (PCSO) is investigating after a 12-year-old brought a gun to school on Tuesday. The incident happened Liberty Point International School in Pueblo West.

School officials notified the sheriff's office the child brought a handgun to school. The weapon was not loaded, no ammunition was found, and it was determined the child was acting independently.

Since the threat was removed quickly, the school day continued as scheduled. PCSO investigators are working with the District Attorney's Office to determine the appropriate charges.

The school notified PCSO at approximately 0730 that a young man was in the office because two other students reported he may have a gun in his possession. The two students immediately reported the information to a teacher. The boy was taken into the office of the Dean of Students and searched. A gun was found in that office close to where the boy was sitting and he was taken into custody by the PCSO School Resource Officer.

"It appears this young man has made a very poor choice," D-70 Superintendent, Ed Smith said. "That choice will have lasting consequences both at school and with law enforcement. There are heroes in this story too. Two students made the right choice today. They came to the staff right away and reported their concerns. These are the types of young adults our district strives for and we praise them."

Pueblo School District #70 has spoken to the student body and the staff about the situation and will be posting an informational letter to their website. Every student at the school has also been given a copy of the letter for their families to read.

Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor says he is staying in close contact with the detectives handling the case. "Investigations Captain Teschner is leading this investigation and has been talking with the young man and his father for some time now," Taylor said. "The gentleman is helping us in any way he can. The staff at this school should be commended for their handling of the situation," he added.



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