Aug 19, 2011 11:49 PM by Matt Stafford

2 dead, 1 critically injured in Colorado Springs shooting

Two people are dead and another has been rushed into surgery with at least one critical gunshot wound in Colorado Springs. Springs Police are still trying to figure out who they are, and what led to all of this.

The people were found at a home in the 300 block of East Las Vegas Street. Police say it's possibly a murder - suicide; they're still investigating.

Neighbors still can't believe what they saw.

"I heard four or five shots when I was in my house; when I came out I watched him over by his front of his house put the gun to his head, and bang," describes Lewis Shack, a neighbor from across the street.

Shack says he has known those neighbors for ten years.

"I just talked to his wife earlier today," Shack adds. "She had a little flea market, yard sale, out there."

Police were on scene by 5:30 p.m., and they found one body outside.

"It appears to be a suicide, but we don't know at this point," explains Lt. Kirk Wilson, with C.S.P.D., saying it's still very early in the investigation.

Once police went inside, they found two more people.

"It's possible that they are family members, but we don't know," says Lt. Wilson. "One was a female; deceased on scene. The second had at least one gun shot wound; that person was transported and is being treated at a local hospital."

That was a man with critical injuries from at least one gunshot wound; he was taken to surgery.

Police say they found a handgun at the scene. They aren't looking for more suspects, but they are still trying to figure out who these people were and what led to all of this.

Police say the three people who were shot were Hispanic, but they're not releasing anymore about their identities at this time.


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