Jul 15, 2010 6:22 PM by James Jarman, Monica Gouty

NEW INFORMATION: Rattlesnake bites 4 year old

Watching Brock Smith zip around the halls of Memorial Hospital for Children you wouldn't guess that he'd been bitten by a rattlesnake just 48 hours earlier.

"I was at my daddy's house and there was a black rattler, it was little, and I was right by it and it bit me on this leg," Brock told NF5.

He's happily showing everyone at the hospital his snakebite.

His father, Gerald, hasn't slept since his son was bitten. " I lost about 10 years off my life," he said.

He says the drive to the hospital was a very dark time for the family, "(Brock's) in the truck, his eyes are rolling back in his head, his lips are turning blue and we're struggling to keep him awake to make sure that you know, he's still there."

The family's hoping to leave the hospital today.


Gerald Smith says it was "horrifying" when his son was bitten by a rattlensake at their home.

He says Brock, 4, turned a blueish pale color at one point as he rushed him to a hospital in Walsenburg.  They gave Brock the 1st of 4 rounds of antivenin.  He was then flown by medical helicopter to Memorial Hospital for more treatment.

Today, Brock is riding a tricycle through the halls and asking everyone he sees, "you want to see my snakebite?"

His parents say Brock's always been a fighter, so they're not too surprised he's recovered so quickly.

The family expects to take Brock back home to Trinidad today.

More to come.


A 4 year old Trinidad boy is recovering in a local hospital today after being bitten by a rattlesnake Tuesday.

Brock Smith and his family shared their story exclusively with News First 5's James Jarman this morning. He'll bring you more about their frightening story and Brock's amazing recovery tonight on News First 5 at 5p.m. & 6p.m. and here on



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