Dec 17, 2012 8:38 PM by Matt Stafford

5 topics for CO's marijuana regulators

DENVER (AP) - Colorado's new marijuana regulators will consider five areas for potential recreational pot rules. The areas of concern are:

- REGULATORY FRAMEWORK: The task force will look at big-picture regulation questions, including which alcohol regulations make sense for use on pot.

- LOCAL AUTHORITY: Marijuana regulators will examine what counties and cities can do to regulate recreational marijuana.

- TAXES AND CIVIL LAW: Marijuana regulators will tackle how to make sure pot taxes are collected and how to help the industry access banking services.

- CRIMINAL LAW: Marijuana users can expect a long list of usage rules, including an analogy to "open container" alcohol laws.

- CONSUMER SAFETY: Marijuana regulators need to figure out how to keep the state's marijuana supply safe and how to keep the drug away from minors.

These areas will be considered by the Amendment 64 task force created by Governor John Hickenlooper to handle legalized marijuana.


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