Feb 5, 2013 7:23 PM by Andy Koen

5 Uncovers: hazardous mold levels found in marijuana grows

COLORADO SPRINGS - Under Colorado's new recreational marijuana law, any adult over the age of 21 can grow and keep up to six marijuana plants in their home. But those plants may actually be damaging the health of anyone living in or near the home.

Dr. John Martyny, Ph.D. was the lead author of a September 2012 study titled Health Effects Associated with Indoor Marijuana Grow Operations for National Jewish Heath, a pulmonary specialty hospital in Denver.

Martyny and the other authors followed law enforcement officers through raids of 30 indoor marijuana grow operations. They recorded elevated mold spore counts that were 10 to 500 times higher than the normal range.

"The problems that we found aren't marijuana problems," Martyny said. "They're having a greenhouse in your house problems."

Thursday night on News 5, we'll show how few legal safeguards exist to protect people living and working in buildings that share space with marijuana grows. We'll also hear from a commercial marijuana grower about the safeguards he has taken to reduce the mold risk in his business despite the absence of regulation.


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