Aug 10, 2010 9:02 PM by James Amos

50th penguin born to Pueblo Zoo

Meet Freedom no, not the political idea, the baby penguin.

Freedom was named through a contest at the Pueblo Zoo. The name stuck because Freedom is the 50th African penguin to be born at the zoo.

Freedom is about 12 weeks old and the reason we're not saying if it's a he or a she is no one knows.

"You can't look at them and tell what sex they are. We have to have them genetically sexed. So we send off some feathers or we send off some blood, to a geneticist, and they let us know what sex we have. You can't tell really by weight. But she was pretty small, so it's kind of like she might But, we've had really small males too," said Melanie Pococke, a penguin caretaker. 

Freedom will stay at the Pueblo Zoo but two of his or her siblings will be sent to other zoos, this species is endangered.


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