Feb 3, 2010 10:45 AM by Bea Karnes, News First 5

7-year-old and dog rescue boy from frigid waters

"I was just thinking -- am I gonna die or am I gonna survive?"

Half submerged in freezing cold water, those were the thought running through 10 year-old Sage Lavin's mind after falling through the ice in a lagoon next to his Margate, New Jersey home.

"It was freezing," he said, "I couldn't feel my legs or my arms."

Arms that were stretched out of the water, as his younger brother, Tristan, held on for dear life.

"I thought he was gonna drown," said 7 year-old Tristan Lavin, "I was holding on and I never let go, I would never let go of him."

"I think it was great," said Sage of his brother's actions, "because, I kinda annoy him sometimes and I'm surprised that he would do that for me."

But the boys weren't in the clear just yet, it was getting dark and no one was around, except for 2-year-old Kano, a dog that lives across the lagoon.

"When he starts barking, there's something going on," said Kano's owner, J. Scott Abbott.

Kano's owners looked outside and saw nothing, but with the dog still barking, they took a closer look.

Abbott said it was Tristan's red hat that grabbed his wife's attention.

"She can't see the kid in the water, but she can see the other boy and he's moving," said Abbott, "so she calls over, are you all right? No answer. She yells a second time and the kid yells no."

Realizing they're in danger, 911 is called and Patrolman John Oakes immediately responded to the scene.

"I was able to lean down, grab the young man and pull him out of the water," said Oakes.

Police say Sage was in the water for almost five minutes before being rescued, and was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Miraculously, he's fine.

"Between the dog barking, the alert neighbor and especially the little brother, that's why the young man's alive," said Oakes.

Now the young brothers have a bond stronger than ever, a lesson they'll never forget, and a dog they want to meet, who's getting all the treats he can handle for a job well done.


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