Jul 19, 2013 10:17 PM

74-year-old Arlo Cramer still big part of Pikes Peak Amateur Golf Tournament

The Pikes Peak Amateur golf tournament has been played every summer for 65 years. Arlo Cramer has been involved for nearly 75 percent of those years.

The 74-year-old first played in the tournament in 1954 and he hasn't missed it since. He took over as the director of the tournament 25 years ago because it, and the game of golf, have been a part of his life for over 60 years.

"It's a tradition at Patty Jewett since 1948, and we don't want to see that tradition go," says Cramer. "We have so few anymore. That's the satisfaction I get out of it. I think it's so great I can still play the game at my age. I just feel fortunate. If I can still get the ball on the green and have a good time, That's fine."

Thursday was the fifth day of tournament play. It's open to all ages and finishes tomorrow. The group of leaders features 17-year-old Palmer high student Colin Prater, Chris Burr, a middle school principle from Manitou Springs, and defending champion, UCCS golfer, Kevin Witte.



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