Aug 7, 2011 12:25 AM by Matt Stafford

9/11 responders honored in Pueblo

Next month marks ten years since the September 11th terrorist attacks; Saturday survivors and heroes were honored at the Riverwalk in Pueblo.

For Captain Mark Guerra, who was running fire crews in New York City on 9/11, it's a tough memory to talk about. He remembers when the first tower fell like it was yesterday.

"I kept saying to the other guys, 'what happened, what happened, what happened?' And everyone was in such shock that they couldn't say the tower came down, couldn't comprehend that the tower had come down," recalls Capt. Guerra, F.D.N.Y. By the end of the day he was speechless.

"I just sat there and ran through my head the number of people that might have been inside that building, and, of course you can never guess 343 guys would die, but there was a pretty good idea that a great many of us had passed away that day," says Capt. Guerra.

Capt. Guerra and others from his department are in the "Home of Heroes", Pueblo, and being honored as such.

"What they were willing to do to go into that building to help fellow Americas, and each other," it was something pretty special says Drew Dix, Medal of Honor recipient and Pueblo native.

Dix met the firefighters back in February on trip to actor Gary Sinise's home. He invited them to the Center for American Values and a ceremony honoring the crews in Pueblo. Not only did the firefighters show up, but Sinise did too.

The Center may seem to be focused more on military service, but Dix says really they're focused on those American values -- ones he says the emergency responders showed on 9/11. He says it's an example we should all pay attention to.

"All of us need to stand by and realize that we may be called upon at a moment's notice," says Dix; called into action just like the crews from New York City were nearly ten years ago.


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