Jan 25, 2010 6:18 AM by Matt Stafford

A different experience on the ground

The McGintys just got back from Haiti on Friday, and the work isn't done. They're trying to help others go to the island now, but when they got the opportunity to help from Cloud of Fire Haiti, they were ready to go.

"Ryan said I want to go. If you don't go dad, I'm going," says T.J. McGinty. "I probably couldn't have gotten down on my own without him anyway. He'd a been hanging on to my belt loops."

Ryan has been to Haiti before on trips as a filmmaker. However, to see things on the ground now versus on screen, he says there's a big difference.

"(To) Tangibly touch the people your working with is of great value," says Ryan McGinty

There was, and still is, plenty of work to do.

"We brought a little, but could only bring so much, two guys, but we were able to commandeer or scrounge food on the ground to get places to where they needed to be," T.J. says.

It's an approach they found successful.

"There are certain things a big organization can't do as effectively as a 2 or a twelve man team can do," Ryan explains.

The McGinty's are a two man team that has done a lot together, like play music, but this is different.

"I mean the music is fun but when you can actually go down and make a difference in peoples lives and get on the same page, working together, I love it as a dad," says T.J.

The trip was meant to help the Haitians rather than provide father/son bonding. However, along with the goal, the prespective it provided has plenty of bonuses.

"It all means so much more and quite honestly makes me want to go back," Ryan says.

The McGinty's were sent by Could of Fire Haiti, a local non-profit working to improve the lives of children in the country. It's a group that they've been working with. If you would like more information, just visit


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