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Apr 20, 2011 1:01 PM

A Glass of Wine with the Easter Lamb

A Glass of Wine with the Easter Lamb

With all the work of decorating, hiding, and finding eggs, I'd say the bunny owes you something. Chef Savage of the Cliff House Dining Room at Pikes Peak has prepared a lovely Easter Lamb (he spared the rabbit this time) for your dinner on this special day.

Classically prepared, with rosemary, shallot, and olive oil, the Chef slowly marinates and gently roasts a top round shoulder of lamb, which he serves with a delicate, yet rich, sweet potato duchess.

Pinot Noir is a perfect wine choice with many lamb dishes. Having less fat than a lamb rack - and also a milder flavor - the Chef's Easter Lamb does not require the heavy, meaty, red wines often associated with this meat. Pinot Noir's earthy tones, light to medium body, and palate cleansing acidity make for a versatile and complementary pairing.

For this dish I would look first to Burgundy. Accentuated in their earthiness, and reserved in their fruit, Pinot Noir from Burgundy offers an additional set a flavors and aromas to be enjoyed, without hiding the beauty already present in Chef Savage's Easter Lamb. Look for the names A.F. Gros, Nicolas Potel, or Louis Jadot on the bottle for very consistent, and often affordable options.

Another great choice for light-to-medium bodied, earthy wines, sure to complement this dish, are the wines of Lombardy in Northern Italy. Look for the varietals Dolcetto, Barbera or Bonarda - or even a lighter-style Nebbiolo - to edify and accentuate this particular Savage offering, all of which, of course, are available here at the Cliff House.

There is a good chance your breakfast and lunch will include eggs - don't have them for dinner. Come to the Cliff House Dining Room; allow us to finish the day's work, and to help you enjoy these special times with your loved ones. Happy Easter.

You can find this Cliff House recipe HERE!



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