Sep 15, 2010 2:18 PM by Greg Boyce

A phone that could read your mind?

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - How smart do you want your smart phone to actually be? Do you want it to read your mind, even a little bit?

Intel Corp.'s research chief, Justin Rattner, says that technology has advanced to the point that an idea of "context-aware computing" that's been around for two decades is becoming more of a reality with the rise of mobile devices. That could lead to phones that act as psychics in your pocket. Rather than simply amass secrets about you, the devices could be doing things with that information, such as predicting what you might do next and offering suggestions.

Tech companies already do this, but only in pieces. Rattner added that researchers are even making steps toward the "ultimate form of sensing" - a computer  understanding a human's thoughts.


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