Sep 4, 2011 3:35 PM by James H Egbert

A quiet Sunday morning explodes into mayhem

Suzanne Clark Foster was enjoying her peace and quite Sunday morning when she heard what she first thought was the back fire of a passing car outside her window. Being as curious as anyone else she looked out and was trying to see where the noise came from and a second but louder pop or explosion happened shaking her windows violently.

Suzanne ran out to her back yard which has a gate that opens to C&S Road in Fountain and saw a car that was smashed partially through a fence in a neighbor's yard. Not only was it stuck, it was on fire. Then she noticed a man she didn't know standing near where the car was carrying what appeared to be an oxygen bottle.

She spoke with the man who as it turns out is the owner of the vehicle to see if he was ok. He stated he was, and went on to tell her he had just started the heater in his car and it must have sparked a fire. He went on to tell her that he called 9-11 to get help. The fire department was on scene immediately but the vehicle was fully engulfed in flames, as was a portion of the fence the vehicle had smashed through.

Suzanne also took several photos and sent them in to KOAA News 5, which we have included one in this story.

The Fountain Fire Department conducted an investigation for the cause of the fire, but their findings have not yet been released.



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