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Oct 25, 2012 9:59 AM by Marissa Torres

A surprising diagnosis

She's a breast cancer survivor who did everything right. She maintained a healthy lifestyle, got annual mammograms, even made a habit of self breast exams.
So you can imagine the shock Rockie Kephart felt when she was told "you have breast cancer."
In January, Kephart says she found blood in her bra and immediately knew something wasn't right.
"It just scares you to pieces.. Everybody in the family."
Kephart says she did regular self breast exams, despite knowing she had no family history of the disease. Even then, she says her form of cancer wasn't what she thought it would be.
"What I had did not feel like what I thought breast cancer would feel like. I didn't have any hard peas or marbles or anything hard and round. I had something larger and softer."
"We are constantly reminding ourselves that there are so many different presentations of breast cancer because patients themselves are quite different," says Dr. Chris Bartlett, medical director of the Mary Lou Beshear's Breast Center at Memorial Hospital.
In his 25 years of experience, he says he's seen it all. But just as we learned with Kephart, no diagnosis is the same.




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