Jan 28, 2011 11:13 AM by Ethan Beute

Accurate & Balanced Coverage from News First 5

Unless you can trust it, rely on it and plan from it, the work we do at News First 5 is of no value. 

Therefore, accurate information that's been well-sourced and double-checked and balanced coverage that represents all sides of a story are our two highest priorities every day, all the time. 

Accuracy and balance are basic tenets of good journalism.  They're also true to who we are.  News First 5 is uniquely prepared to give you local news and weather information in a way that puts the facts first and lets you make your own decisions

In a time when most news feels loaded with sensationalism, we decided that it was important to emphasize the characteristics that define our approach, our people and your experience. 

News First 5 aspires to accuracy and balance in everything we do.


We are very intentional about our promise to you.  We talk about the accuracy of information and balance of stories before we share them with you on television and online.  We refuse to break this promise or damage our reputation by going to air with rumors and speculation or by telling stories in a careless and slanted way. 

We double check our sources and our facts.  We seek that extra interview to round out a story.  We are committed - in culture and in practice - to accurate and balanced coverage.

We want to be your first and trusted source for for local news and weather.  We work toward that every day.


No one knows Southern Colorado like the team at News First 5.  This April, Lisa Lyden and Rob Quirk will celebrate 20 years on our anchor desk.  That's two decades working side-by-side to bring you important, helpful and moving stories ... stories that help define our lives here in the Pikes Peak region. 

Similarly, Mike Daniels and Mike Madson have been forecasting our weather and tracking our storms for more than 20 years each.  They work side-by-side several afternoons and evenings each week to give you the best look at and clearest understanding of what's happening right now and what's coming in the days ahead.

Our entire organization is made of experienced and committed people, including anchors, reporters, photojournalists, editors, meteorologists and managers.  From high definition broadcasting to our own live Doppler radar, from iPhone, iPad and Droids apps to a thriving Facebook community, this team is equipped to produce and deliver accurate and balanced coverage however you want it.

We've built a team and a reputation over decades.  We've invested in the best tools in the business.  Our families live, work and play in this community along side yours.

We refuse to risk relationships and reputation by sensationalizing news or weather coverage, even though keeping people excited and scared might increase our ratings.  Instead, everything about our experience teaches us that accuracy and balance are the proper goal.


If at any time you feel that we're not living up to our promise of accurate and balanced coverage, please let us know. Equally, if you like what you're seeing and hearing, share that with us, too.

We close every newscast with an invitation for your feedback.  We will repeat it here. 

How are we doing with accuracy and balance?  Email us at - we promise to send you a reply.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to understand what our "Accurate & Balanced" position means to us and to you.  Thank you for making us the most-watched news team in Southern Colorado.


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