Dec 29, 2012 7:06 PM by Siera Santos,

Adaman Club to tote life-saving space sacks on New Years Eve hike

When the AdAmAn Club makes its annual ascent to the top of Pikes Peak to set of New Years Eve fireworks, they members will have a new piece of gear in case of emergency.

The Space Foundation provided them with bivvies. They are sacks that retain 90-percent of body heat and offer full protection from the elements. The technology was originally designed for space exploration, but now the reflective material can be used in harsh climates here on earth.

"It's lighweight. It's small. And you can throw it in your pack and if you're in a really bad situation, you can jump inside. (It) keeps your body heat inside and keeps out the wind, the rain and the snow," said Janet Stevens, Vice President of Marketing and Communication at the Space Foundation.

"It can save your life," Stevens added.

The Space Foundation also gave the super-shiny life-saving sacks to the El Paso County Search and Rescue crews who help ensure the safety of the AdAmAn climbers.


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