Nov 22, 2010 12:52 AM by John Romero

Adoptive parents: Every day is a blessing

November is National Adoption Month. The choice to adopt a child is never an easy one. It takes a certain type of person. "It takes special people to take other children into their home. These people are magnificent." says Yvonne Sletta with the Department of Human Services in El Paso County.

Sam and Mindi Jennings are one of those couples. They have been the only family three year old twins Caleb and Jacob have ever known. "We actually got them when they were 30 days old. They had a lot of medical issues at that point." explains Sam. "They were 8 1/2 weeks premature. They have extensive medical needs and medical issues." explains Mindi, "They were drug exposed in utero on a daily basis "

Though it hasn't been easy, the Jennings have been with the twins for every doctor's visit along the way. The strength the twins show is an inspiration to their parents. "There's not a day that goes by that I'm not reminded of their journey." says Mindi, "They have been through more in their first three years of life than most people will ever go through in their entire lives. They are my heroes."

More medical hurdles and hardships are likely are on the horizon, but the Jennings say they would never take back their decision to adopt. "They're so special." says Sam, "They're so sweet. They're just great kids." Adds Mindi, "It melts my heart to see them thrive, bond and love to be a part of our family."

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