Sep 6, 2013 10:52 AM by Olivia Deas

Aircraft noise irks Colorado Springs neighbors

Carmen Lown lives in North Colorado Springs, and for the first time in 20 years she says the aircraft noise is really bothering her.

"Because we're by the Air Force Academy, we realize we will sometimes see airplanes, but not like this day in and day out. "

Part of the reason Lown is noticing the planes now, the training flight pattern was changed to fly further north. And although the flight pattern did change in December of 2012, many people didn't notice it until this summer when flight volume more than doubled.

"It's a volume that we see only in the summer. When we train about half of the 2000 cadets we train a year." says lt. Col. Joe Rizzuto, Director of Operations.

But there is good news, the cadets are now back in school.

"Our volume will decrease and we'll fly in a different fly pattern. Not as far as ground traffic, but as far as the aircraft flow, and we'll fly shorter days. "

The Air Force Academy changed their flight pattern for safety reasons, but those in the pattern say its still frustrating.
And even though the pattern won't change any time soon, the Academy asks that you bear with them.

"Because of the foundation we are laying for our cadets today, it will bear the fruit of our freedom in the future."


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