Aug 18, 2014 9:23 PM by Lena Howland

Alumni hope to restore St. Scholastica Academy land

The former St. Scholastica Academy building in Canon City has stood vacant for nearly six years. 

Alumni of this all-girls Catholic school have formed a group to push forward a plan hoping to restore the property and open it back up to the public.

The swing set... untouched.

The tennis court... unkept.

The former girls' dorm.... eerily silent.

"It's been empty for quite awhile and it's a very nice place," Shirley Stephens, a Canon City resident said.

This property was once home to the St. Scholastica Academy.

"There's 68 dorm rooms and they had double bunks in each room so they had 2-4 girls in each room. I think they had probably about 150 girls there at one time," Kurt Zerby, a Keller Williams Associate Broker said.

It was an all-girls Catholic School.

"It operated for 110 yrs," Zerby said.

Now lined with a fence and 'No Trespassing' signs, neighbors tell me that this building has been vacant for about six years.

"Basically it's just sitting there. Weeds are growing, it's kinda deteriorating. It's not an eyesore, it's a beautiful facility but nobody's using it," Zerby said.

Up on the market for $2.3 million, Kurt Zerby held a public forum asking neighbors what they'd like to see this building become.

"Out of that, came another little group that formed and they're pursuing funding trying to pull something together for it," he said.

It's a group of alumni pushing to restore this property.

"She's just trying to get some momentum, maybe raise some money and get this building reopened for the community," he said.

Neighbors tell us they just want to see this property taken care of.

"You walk out your door and look at this big humongous property that's nothing but dry, dry weeds, leaves, trees, trees falling over, the wind blowing them over," Sandy Richardson, a neighbor of the property said.

"I'd like to see it done up again!" Stephens said.

As for what this 6.9 acre icon could become, the ideas are endless.

"There's no shortage of ideas for it, it's really just a funding issue," Zerby said.

The woman behind the initiative to restore this property is hoping to turn it into a community center. Realtors think she could be ready to buy it by the end of this year.


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