Nov 11, 2010 10:19 AM by John Romero, Bea Karnes and Greg Boyce

Amazon pulls pedophile book by Pueblo man

Phillip Greaves' new book caused controversy all over the country. It's called The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure. "I wanted to provide some guidelines for pedophiles so they could avoid hurting their victims," said Greaves.

He said he's tired of people vilifying pedophiles. "I wrote the book because I felt that some people were being demonized unfairly," explains Greaves.

In the book, Greaves explains what he calls A Child Lover's Code of Conduct: guiding principles to a sexual relationship between an adult and a child. "To tell you the truth, I don't think that it's always bad for the child...But I do think it's always confining for the adult."

The electronic book was available for Amazon.com Inc.'s Kindle e-reader. The book triggered outrage on Twitter, Facebook and beyond. A chorus protectors called for Amazon to pull the book, with a few threatening to boycott the Kindle store until it does.

Amazon told News First 5, "It is censorship not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable."  However, a phone call to Amazon Thursday morning brought a different response--Amazon has now pulled the book.

Ellen Cooney, Executive Director of the Pueblo Child Advocacy Center is appalled by even the notion of such a book. "If you think about how we raise children, we raise them to obey adults," she said. "We raise them to do what adults tell them to do. So a child is really not likely to say no, even if they don't like something." Cooney believes a book like Greaves' is a handbook on how to abuse children. "If we already have 200 children in Pueblo each and every year who we know are being abused because there's been a report, we don't need more assistance for people who are going to abuse those children."

Greaves disagrees, "It's a guide to love and pleasure. It's not a guide to abusing children."

As far as the legalities of such a relationship, Greaves thinks society is too harsh on pedophiles. When asked what penalties a pedophile should face, he replied, "If it was just something that the child didn't have any problems with, maybe a fine of some kind. But if it was actual physical harm, mental trauma, oh a few years in jail perhaps."

As for public opinion surrounding his book, "They're free to think whatever they want to think about the book," said Greaves. "I'm sure they're going to say lots of bad things. They have all kinds of negative publicity on it on Amazon already."

Greaves told News First 5 has not abused any children and was not sexually abused as a child. As to why he wrote the book, "Everytime you see 'em (pedophiles) on television they're either murderers, rapists or kidnappers and you know, that's just not an accurate representation of that particular sexuality. It's not."

While Amazon pulled this book, it is still selling other titles by the Pueblo man. One of those books has a chapter on pedophilia.



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