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Oct 16, 2013 12:26 AM by Olivia Deas

Amendment 66 Approved for November Ballot

Amendment 66, as it will appear on your ballot in November, asks Coloradans to approve an income tax increase raising an extra 950 million dollars per year for public education. 

But there are two sides to the controversial issue, with conflicting views on where the money from the tax increase would be spent. 

Opponents of the tax say they dont believe the supporters are being truthful of where the money will go. They believe the money will not be used to support kids in the classroom, but to pad the pockets of administrators. They are pushing for no votes on Amendment 66 and proposition AA, to tax and regulate marijuana. 

"The are both tax increases and they both claim that they're for the children, they're not for the children, the children in both cases are not going to get a dollar. You cant point to one child getting a dollar as a result of this money." says Doug Bruce. 

But supporters of Amendment 66 disagree. They insist the money will be spent on our kids; smaller class sizes, music and art. They are pleased with the judge's ruling today. 

" I think it's really needed for the state. Our funding levles are some of the lowest in the nation  when it comes to per pupil funding and we have been struggling  to be able to provide resources that are in most cases, just a given." 

If voters approve Amendment 66, it would be the largest tax hike in Colorado history, and it would cost the average taxpayer about $130 more per year. 


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