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Oct 17, 2013 1:19 AM

Amendment 66 Controversy

A public forum held Wednesday in Pueblo presented both sides of the controversial Amendment 66. The amendment would raise income tax in Colorado, and go toward public education. 

The League of Women Voters, a normally nonpartisan group, has decided to support the issue. Tonight they held an open forum to discuss the tax. At the forum the LWV said they support the issue because the state is underfunded for education, and they believe the children will benefit more than anything else the state can do. 

But those who oppose the issue, say the language is very vague. Richard Barr, a retired corporate lawyer, says he's worried the money will not go toward the children. 

"I've tried some large, multimillion dollar tax cases, by finding loop holes. In other words, I'll bet that I could give people in administration raises when this thing passes." 

But the Barbara Stephens with the LWV says they've read the language of the amendment, and  believe it is what students in Colorado need. 

"We went over it tonight line by line, and it is perfectly clear in saying that this money is going to be going to student education for use for the students, and teachers, and the classroom." 

The LWV say they do not usually take such a strong stance on issues, but they have a history with supporting education. 

If the tax increase were to pass in November, the average Colorado taxpayer would pay around $130 more per year to fund it. 


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