Mar 26, 2013 12:40 PM by Joe Bevans

Amish upset over ordinance

KENTON, Ohio (AP) - Amish from northwest Ohio are promising to turn out in force this week for a meeting of a county health board seeking to evict two families from new homes that lack the required modern wells and septic systems. Last summer, the Kenton-Hardin County Health Board said it would start enforcing rules that any new home must have a proper well and septic system - something the simple-living, outhouse-using Amish have never had to do. Health inspectors have not forced existing Amish homes to change. Two members of the order have built new homes the county says don't comply. In January, the health board gave the owners 30 days to bring the properties into compliance or leave. The health board will hear an appeal today of its orders condemning the new Amish homes and evicting the families who live in them.


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