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Jul 9, 2013 10:46 AM by Marissa Torres

Ancient seed promotes weight loss

First there were Chia Pets, now-there are Chia people.

The Chia seed is making a comeback- but this time it's not to watch it grow. The ancient seed is the latest health craze to sweep the country.

Maybe you've seen it on store shelves-boasting about its overwhelming health benefits. We stopped at one Colorado Springs market where employees say people can't get enough. Dietitians say the tiny seed is full of nutrients that not only promote weight loss, but also healthy hearts.

"It's similar to flax. It's real high in fiber, it's real high in omega 3 fats, so it makes a pretty healthy thing."

But unlike Flax Seed, Chia Seed doesn't need to be ground, it can be added to water, yogurt-even made into a pudding.

Health experts say Chia is especially good for pregnant women who need omega threes for their babies but are hesitant to eat fish because of the mercury.

Dietitian David Egerdahl says you should only eat about one ounce a day, since Chia is very high in fiber and that can cause an upset stomach.



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