Mar 16, 2011 11:06 PM by John Romero

Anti-nuclear crowd speaks to county commissioners

A day after those in favor of a Pueblo County nuclear power plant had their say, the other side speaks. Pueblo County commissioners heard testimony from residents on Wednesday who don't want the plant to come to town.

Some like Ross Vincent say they flat out don't trust the nuclear sector. "Nuclear power they said would be clean, safe and cheap." he said to commissioners, "Of course none of those claims were true. They weren't true then and they aren't true now."

Beulah Resident Jack Stucki was part of a fact finding mission after the Chernobyl meltdown. He says he doesn't want to see a repeat here. "The area near the Chernobyl Plant where I went... There were no flowers, no butterflies, no squirrels. Nothing lived in that area and it is still a dead zone." He also says he'll never forget the injuries he saw. "I saw children with amputated arms and legs, respiratory problems."

Donna MacFarlane-Franz lives just a few miles away from Avondale. She has worries about nuclear waste and fears it could kill one of the areas biggest industries. "That's farmland out there." she says, "If something happened that's huge farm land for Colorado. What would happen if that was contaminated?" MacFarlane-Franz and others at that meeting felt the same way. "Why would we need this nuclear plant in our back yard?" she says.

The commissioners will hear more opinions tomorrow, March 17 at 5 p.m at Sangre de Cristo Arts Center.  The opponents will get to talk first, and the proponents will be allotted time for rebuttle.   


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