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Mar 20, 2013 12:46 AM by Eric Ross

Apartment complex dodges questions over bug infestation problem

Tenants living at the Pine Creek Village Apartments in Colorado Springs are fed up with a bug problem they say management is refusing to fix.

"The infestation is over in this area in our kitchen," resident Tiffany Thomas showed us as we walked through her apartment Tuesday. "We always see roaches behind the sinks and coming out of the sink."

When Thomas moved into the complex at the beginning of the month, she never thought she would be dealing with a problem like this.

Thomas provided News 5 with videos and pictures of baby cockroaches scattered throughout the kitchen, on bathroom walls and in the hallway.

"My biggest fear would be waking up to my kids screaming because they have a cockroach in their ear or in their mouth, she said.

Fed up with the issue, she filed a complaint with management who sent out an exterminator.

"We got sprayed a few days ago and 20 minutes after he (the exterminator) left, we had two babies crawling on the back of the sink and one big one who popped up behind it."

After filing another complaint, she says management refused to return her phone calls.

While we were speaking with her, News 5 learned she isn't the only tenant having to battle the bugs at this complex.

"You see roaches everywhere in the bathroom and living room," resident Latecea Galbearth said. "The office takes forever and a day to get to any complaint you have."

Galbearth has a 9-month lease she must fulfull. Like Galbearth, Thomas is locked into a lease until March 2014.  It's a contract Thomas is hoping she can terminate.

"I got to the point where I told them I don't want to be here because it's gross," she said. "I asked to be transferred to another apartment or to remove me from the lease and they said they can't do anything because I signed a lease."

It's a contract Galbearth can't break either.

"I would not recommend this place to anybody," she said. "Be homeless. It's a lot cheaper and cleaner."

News 5 placed a phone call to the front office Tuesday afternoon for comment. They said they could not speak with the media and to contact their corporate office.

We reached out the corporate office, only to be told they can take our name and number, but that it was unlikely anybody would call us back.

As of 10 p.m. Tuesday, we have not heard anything back from the complex or corporate office.

For all maintenance complaints, be sure to fill out claims in writing.

Also, be sure to check your leasing agreement for policies and procedures regarding maintenance and pest control.

Lastly, if management and the corporate office fails to handle your claims in a timely manner, contact Code Enforcement or the Apartment Association of Southern Colorado.

The Apartment Association of Southern Colorado can be reached at 264-9195. You may also visit them on the web at

Code Enforcement can be reached by calling 444-7891.

If you have a story you'd like News 5 to investigate, contact reporter Eric Ross at



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