Sep 18, 2012 6:27 PM by Lacey Steele

Apple farmer talks about an early season after a hot summer

Apple pie, apple butter, apple sauce!

So many apple based treats, but if you want some apples this year, you need to go now!

We went to fremont county and learned apples are early this season.

Fall reminds everyone of harvests, pumpkins, and for many, apples, but an early and warm spring has brought changes this year.

"The apples started blooming about April 1," said Lance Tyler, who owns 3rd Street Apples with his wife in Penrose. "They usually start blooming at the end of April."

Which means the time to gather apples is now.

"It's farming and it's not the same every year, so getting people out a little earlier to pick apples when it's hot in August was quite a challenge," said Tyler.

This September has been different with a lot of customers looking to pick there own or shop at markets.

"It's nice to get out in the country," said Leonard Durbin, a customer from Falcon. "It's nice to drive. The drive's probably 55 miles from where we are, and it's just fun."

"Our family loves applesauce, and I've been told I make good applesauce, so we came down to see if we could find some Jonathan apples," said Wanda Durbin, a customer from Falcon.

Orchards from Penrose to Canon City have all experienced the same early season.

The heat not only made the apples early, but some are a bit smaller than usual.

As far as October's Apple Day in Penrose...

"I walk out here one day, and I think, 'Oh my gosh, they're going so fast,' and other days I think there's a lot," said Tyler. "We'll still have apples. It may not be quite as abundant in the first week of October as usual."

He says don't worry.

Apple Day will still be a fun apple-filled event, even with many of them selling early.

Apple Day is coming up on October 6.

They'll have a parade, apples, and apple based baked goods in Penrose.



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