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Arapahoe High shooting victim in coma, still in critical condition

The victim of Friday's shooting at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, 17-year-old Claire Davis, is in a coma and remains in critical condition according to a statement released by her family on Sunday.

Investigators also announced that the process of collecting evidence from the school is almost finished and the building may soon be turned back over to Littleton Public Schools, but for students and staff it will be a long time before things are normal again.

"We all need to support each other and pray for Claire and hope she's OK," said student Annika Bobb. "Because she's still in very serious condition."

On Sunday afternoon students came together once again to pray for Davis's recovery, just one of many vigils the close knit school has held over the past two-days.

"I can already tell that it's made us all stronger because like, I think it's going to break down all the barriers with clique's and friend groups and everybody's just going to love everybody," explained student Gabe Peterson.

Police say Davis suffered a gunshot wound to the head at the hands of classmate Karl Pierson, who brought a shotgun and improvised explosives to the school targeting librarian Tracy Murphy. Pierson had a disagreement with Murphy over a disciplinary action in September. Just 80-seconds after beginning the shooting spree and setting off one explosive Pierson killed himself inside the school.

"Karl had threatened to kill Mr. Murphy, kind of half jokingly, and Mr. Murphy brought that to the administration," described Joe Redmond, a friend of Pierson.

Over the past two-days many who knew Pierson have said it's hard to believe him capable of violence.

"He would be the last person you would expect to do something like that," explained student Kate Molzahn.

But, every update on the investigation is causing his friends to reflect on memories that bring up missed warning signs.

"You never see it in the moment, but looking back there are so many signs I could have seen," Joe Redmond said. "He told me, whenever he'd get angry, he would say I just want to shoot everyone up."

For all involved, recovering from last Friday's horror will be a long process.

"It would just be good for us to see other people and pray together," said Annika Bobb.  "Hope that everything will be OK and it will all turn out."

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