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Dec 13, 2013 9:58 PM

Arapahoe High: "Warriors always take care of one another - tonight more than ever."

It was a heart-wrenching day for parents, as they waited to be reunited with students at Arapahoe High School- as they waited to find out if their children were safe.

And a lot of that emotion was captured and posted onto social media sites.

Erica Brandse, a mother, tweeted to our sister station in Denver: "Worst day of my life!! My boys are safe. My boys are safe thanks to the wonderful staff at Arapahoe High School."

Lisa Wirthman has a daughter that goes to a school near Arapahoe. She tweeted: "Just got a call that my daughter's nearby high school is locked down too. A precaution, but my stomach hurts just the same."

Her tweets go on.

"I just want to grab my kids out of school right now and hug them. My heart goes out to parents at #ArapahoeHigh."

Finally, she's reunited with her daughter.

"Just picked my daughter up from high school. I wanted to sob with relief when she got in the car. A heavy heart for #ArapahoeHigh."

Arapahoe High School tweeted out on its account: "Warriors always take care of one another - tonight more than ever."


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