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Jul 16, 2014 11:49 AM by Stephen Bowers

Arkansas River Breaks Flood Stage in La Junta

The Arkansas River rose to nearly two feet above its flood stage in La Junta Wednesday morning.

A Flood Warning is in effect until further notice for the Arkansas River near and east of La Junta into western Bent County.

The observation at the river gauge, located on the river near Main Street and North Street, at 9:15 AM Wednesday was 12.47 feet. Flood stage is 11 feet. 

Minor agricultural flooding occurs at stages over 11 feet. The river is expected to crest at 12.9 feet Wednesday afternoon. As the river level reaches 12 feet the flood waters begin to threaten Highway 194 east of La Junta. At 13 feet residential flooding becomes a threat in La Junta.

Flooding is not the only danger. Remember water will be flowing swiftly downstream. The banks of the Arkansas River can become saturated and weaken, causing them to break. Several deaths have been reported in the Upper Arkansas River in the mountains over the past few weeks when people were swept away by fast-moving water. Stay away from the river banks to avoid falling into the river. 

The Arkansas River at Lamar was at 7.48 feet at 9 AM. Flood stage is 11 feet, and minor flooding has occurred following heavy rainfall Monday and Tuesday. That will be a threat again Wednesday. 

Upstream, the Arkansas River at the Pueblo Dam was at 4.26 feet at 9 AM. Flood stage is 8 feet. 

The Arkansas River at Nepesta was at 13.88 feet at 9:15 AM. Flood stage is 16.5 feet, and minor flooding occurred early Tuesday in the area.

The Arkansas River at Cañon City was at 7.03 feet at 9:15 AM. Flood stage is 10 feet.



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