Jan 15, 2013 6:13 PM by Maddie Garrett

Atmel Lays Off 160 Employees

More than 100 Atmel employees are out of a job as of Tuesday. It's just the latest blow for Atmel workers, who saw a similar cut back less than a month ago. In total, the manufacturing plant has laid off 200 employees in December and January.

"You know it's coming, you see the management they're walking around with long faces, you just see it coming," said Barry Pettis, an employee laid off Tuesday.

Layoffs at the company are nothing new, but this round of cuts seemed especially tough with long time employees getting the axe. Employees like Pettis, who had worked at Atmel for almost 20 years.

When asked what he'll do now, Pettis replied, "Pray, get a resume together, flip burgers if I have to, I've got bills to pay... I'm scared, I need my health insurance for my kids."

In multiple shifts, Atmel let go 160 workers Tuesday. In December, the company cut 40 temporary employees. Director of Investor Relations, Peter Schuman, said the reason for the cuts is that it's time for Atmel to "scale back it's employee count." Schuman told KOAA that the company "tried to hold off as long as possible, but it needs to size its business to the weaker economic environment."

Pettis said this round of cuts went across the board.

"Engineering, maintenance and production, manufacturing, it wasn't just one group, it wasn't just one class, it wasn't just hourly. It was hourly and salary, it was everybody, it affected a wide range of people," he said.

Pettis said he's worried there aren't many manufacturing jobs left in Colorado Springs for laid-off workers like him.



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