Feb 24, 2010 7:22 PM by John Romero

Attorney General speaks on medical marijuana debate

With medical marijuana a hot topic in the state legislature, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers is speaking out. He says he doesn't like where medical marijuana is heading in our state.
"We've gone from 1500 to 40,000 (medical marijuana) registrants. There are about 40,000 in back log. We're going to have 100,000 in no time. We get about 1,000 applications a day."

Those in the industry say they're as legitimate as any other medicine and a better alternative to prescription drugs. "For people who are making a healthy choice to move away from those narcotics and move to a healthier alternative, I don't think that should be a bad thing." says Tanya Garduno, a Director with the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council.

Suthers biggest worry lies in all of the dispensaries popping up which are still technically illegal. "Only the patient growing small amounts for themselves or a caregiver doing it for them is sanctioned." he explains, "There's no commercial sale of marijuana sanctioned in Amendment 20." Garduno disagrees saying the dispensaries are viable and growing businesses. "You can't just assume that people are going to have the means, the time or the ability to grow for themselves." she says, "That's why we have the caregiver model."

While both make their arguments there's still a lot of legislation to decide a very hazy subject. "All marijuana use is in violation of Federal law." says Suthers, "But right now the Federal authorities are waiting for some greater clarification as to what Colorado law is."

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