Jun 14, 2014 12:05 AM by Kelsey Kennedy

Austin Bluff Corridor Construction Project Update

The third phase of the Austin Bluffs Corridor Project has been underway for a year now. Drivers that have been dealing with lane closures from the construction can plan on doing so for at least a few more months.

The $22.5 Million project began last June and was slated to take 18-20 months of work. Engineers believe it will be finished before the end of this year.

The last phase of the project is broken up into three segments of Austin Bluffs Parkway. Work continues simultaneously on all three segments.

Project Manager, Mike Chaves, says the first segment runs from Nevada Ave. to Union Blvd.

"They're working on the south side," he says. "They're doing the curb, gutter, sidewalk, and they actually started paving this week."

Segment two runs from Union Blvd. to Meadowland Blvd. Crews are working on the North side of the road right now. Come fall, the outside lanes will be opened so median work can begin in both segments one and two.

"The third segment, which is east of Barnes, that's a little bit more hodge podge work," Chaves says. "They're working on the North side and the median right now."

Upon completion, Austin Bluffs Parkway will have six lanes from 30th Street and Garden of the Gods all the way to Woodmen Road. The lane was added to reduce congestion and commute times.

"That was what was recommended in the East to West Mobility study back in 2002," says Chaves.

The project is funded by Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority sales tax. Lawrence Construction was contracted to do the work.

Each segment of the construction zone is well marked. It's critical for motorists to obey the speed limit through these zones.

"I always caution motorists to be aware it's a construction zone," he says. "It helps them from getting expensive tickets. It also keeps the workers safe."

The city's next big project will be widening Woodmen Road in 2015.



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