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Feb 5, 2013 1:03 PM by Stephen Bowers

Avalanche risk still high

The risk for avalanches has been high in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. That has been reported on News 5 in the past few days.

In just the first four days of February, the Colorado Avalanche Information Center has record of 64 avalanches in the state. In at least two cases, people have been caught and buried in avalanches. One person even died in an avalanche near Silverton this past weekend.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center, or CAIC, uses five ratings to indicate the risk for avalanches: low, moderate, considerable, high, and extreme. The latest forecasts from the center suggest a considerable threat, the third highest on their scale, for nearly all of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This includes the slopes of Pike's Peak and all of the Front Range just west of the Interstate 25 corridor.

In the forecast statement, CAIC says that while a serious threat for avalanches still exists, that threat is beginning to subside after last week's snow. The snow fell on top of a weak slab, which really started this recent marathon run of avalanches. The center also says backcountry skiers should carefully evaluate the snowpack, cautiously select routes, and be conservative in making decisions in the High Country until this threat subsides.


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