Jun 15, 2010 7:01 PM by Elaine Sheridan

Baby eagles lucky after their tree falls

Some baby bald eagles are lucky to be alive after the tree their nest was in blew down.

For years the same pair of eagles raised their young in a big cottonwood tree at Barr Lake State Park near the lake and this year was no different. In April the pair hatched a couple of eaglets.

The babies were getting close to the point of leaving the nest, but they didn't get that chance before a storm on Sunday changed everything.

"Friday we had a big storm, hail, a lot of wind and we got a call on Sunday afternoon from some home owners that live on the west side of the park that said that they couldn't see the nest," Michelle Seubert, park manager for Barr Lake State Park, said.

Seubert and other park rangers came out to check the nest.

"The nest was still intact and half of it was in the lake and half was out, and the two eaglets were still in the nest at that time. We were able to see that they didn't seem to be in any distress," Seubert said.

Rangers and park volunteers have been monitoring the birds and say that both parents of the eaglets have stayed close by watching over their young.

One of the eaglets is flying short distances and rangers believe the younger one will be ready to fly soon.

Rangers say it is likely the pair will stay at Barr Lake and just find a new tree in the fall..



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