Jun 18, 2012 6:47 PM by Lacey Steele

Be safe and know heat stroke symptoms

Fun in the sun can take a bad turn if you don't play it safe.

When the temps hit triple digits Monday, it was hard to find anyone out having fun.

Most of them opted for the shade, which is smart when it comes to possible heat stroke.

Doctors say you should always be aware of signs like feeling tired, having trouble breathing, and, of course, being really hot.

Make sure you try to cool off before it gets worse.

"I've experience it before myself, and when you get overheated, if you have the ability, you walk yourself into the house, you turn the shower onto cold, and you sit underneath it to decrease your core body temperature," said Dr. Tanya Hrabal, a local physician.

If you ever see someone overheat and pass out, make sure you call 911 immediately and try to get them to a cooler place.


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