Oct 17, 2010 11:25 PM by Jeannette Hynes

Bennet , Buck on "Meet the Press"

On the national NBC political Sunday morning talk show "Meet the Press", Senate-hopefuls Michael Bennet and Ken Buck discuss taxes and the economy.  They also try to clear up some of the muddy waters on certain issues.

David Gregory asked Buck to clarify his view on gays.  Buck's answer has received a lot of criticism.

The transcript from that portion of "Meet the Press" is as follows:

GREGORY: Do you believe that being gay is a choice?

BUCK: I do.

GREGORY: Based on what?

BUCK: Based on what? I guess you can choose who your partner is.

GREGORY: You don't think it's something that's determined at birth?

BUCK: I think that birth has an influence over it, like alcoholism and some other things, but I think that basically, you have a choice.

GREGORY: Do you think he's outside the mainstream of views on this?

BENNET: I absolutely think he's outside the mainstream of views on this.

Gregory also asked Senator Bennet about why he voted for a recovery plan if Bennet is campaigning against the plan, saying it isn't working.

"I also think that it's clear that the recovery package has grown the GDP somewhat and saved thousands and thousands of jobs in my home state. Look, when I agree with the President, I agree with him. When I disagree with him, I disagree with him. He's done some things that were not helpful to Colorado and I fought back," responds Bennet.

Southern Colorado Democrats and Republicans watched the broadcast closely to see how their candidates did.

"I think the advantage we have in Senator Bennet is the fact is that he is willing to reach across the isle and work together," says Michelle Maksimowicz, Democrat.

"He's [Buck] a straight-forward guy.  He speaks to the issues they most care about.  He's somebody's who's focused on reducing our spending and national debt," replies Andy Merritt, El Paso County's Republican Chairperson.

The final question for the candidates on the broadcast came from Facebook asking them what their goals are in politics and in life.

"I'd like to see a Constitutional balanced budget amendment, and in my life, I'd like to play more golf and get a decent handicap," answers Buck.

"I hope to be able to create a set of policies to create more opportunities, not less, for our kids and grandkids.  Outside of politics, I hope to raise my three little girls to be productive and happy citizens," answers Bennet.

You can watch the broadcast of "Meet the Press" online.  Click here.



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