Oct 30, 2012 7:53 PM by Matt Stafford

Big spending for Halloween

Is your Halloween costume ready to go?

Halloween has turned into a huge moneymaker. The National Retail Federation says people will spend $8 billion on it this year. It's not the $500 billion spent during the December holidays, but shoppers are spending more to trick or treat every year.

In Colorado Springs, the hot spot to trick or treat for years as been the Old North End; especially Tejon St. just north of Colorado College.

"I think the first year we had 25 and we thought that was phenomenal." says John Fotenas, who lives on Tejon St. in the Old North End. That was more than 30 years ago; now it's a much different story.

"Like we're at an Air Force Academy football game," is how Fotenas describes Halloween night on his block.

"It was a little over 1,100 (trick or treaters) last year," says Fotenas.

That takes a lot of candy!

"It's somewhere between 150 and 200 dollars," says Fotenas, but points out that family and friends come by and bring candy to help them get that much.

"A couple of hundred dollars," says next door neighbor Doug Gardner. He thinks this Halloween might be a record year; plenty of good weather.

"We probably will see approaching 1,500 kids," guesses Gardner. His candy stash of is ready to go.

Not every neighborhood has that many trick or treaters; some in other parts of town guess they'll have more like 50 to 100 kids stopping by.

Regardless of how much is spent; after they buy the candy, how much do the kids actually eat?

News 5 conducted a non-scientific polling of parents in the park; basically that means we walked up to few families hanging out at the swings and asked them how much their kids ate. Survey says... about 40 percent of it.

"Then a good part of it gets thrown away," explains Laura Severn, but she says that's after mom and dad have picked out some of their favorites from the kiddos' stash.

Gardner and his neighbors guessed about the same; 40 percent, but for them it's all in the name of fun.

Gardner and Fotenas both agree, trick or treating generally runs between 5 and 9 p.m.

Also, don't forget about this; several area dentists are buying your extra candy as part of the the second annual Candy Buy Back. Starting Thursday - with help from Operation Gratitude - candy and toothbrushes will be sent to soldiers overseas and in V.A. Hospitals. To find the location closest to you, click here.



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