Jun 3, 2014 8:00 PM by Greg Dingrando

Bike patrols crack down on dogs without leashes

COLORADO SPRINGS - If you like to let your dog run free in the park get ready for pay for it, literally.

Bike patrols are making their way through area parks looking for people violating the city's leash law and after a month of warnings, they're now handing out tickets.

Signs saying keep your dog on a leash are all over the place, but not everybody pays attention. In fact, some say they see it all the time.

"I've been coming out here for 2 years and I'd say about 75-80% which is pretty high," said Jesse Wilson.

The Trails and Open Space Coalition said its happening so often that people are starting to second guess their trips to the park.

Susan Davies is the group's executive director.

"A lot of people don't feel safe when strange dogs come running at them, especially when they have children. We've heard of people avoiding the parks because of dogs off leashes," said Davies.

Others aren't so much concerned for their own safety, as they are for their furry friends.

"There are some dogs that are incredibly aggressive here. You got some people who say O don't worry they're friendly, meanwhile they got teeth on my dogs neck there," said Wilson.

So to change it, the parks started having the bike patrols and they've been busy. They came as a shock to a lot of people on the trails some of which weren't too happy.

"Some were very apologetic, while others were really crabby about it," said Davies.

But others think it's a great idea.

"Bring it on. As long as courteous. As long as they're cool I'm all for it. We need it," said Wilson.

Like it or not, don't expect it to be changing anytime soon.

"Bottom line, its the law," said Davies.

As for the cost of the tickets, its $50 for the 1st offense, $80 for your second, and for your third strike you'll have to go to court. If you have multiple dogs off leash, you can expect multiple tickets.




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