Apr 13, 2010 6:28 AM by John Romero

Bike thefts on the rise in Colorado Springs

With warmer weather unfortunately comes more crime. Lately it's bike shops that have been in the cross hairs of criminals. "There's been a bit of an up tick in break-ins at bicycle shops." explains Lt. David Whitlock with CSPD, "There have been all kinds of methods that have been used. We've seen it since about the middle of February."

One of the worst hit so far has been Pro Cycling in Colorado Springs. "We actually had two break-ins. They were about a week apart." explains manager Brain Stratton. any of these stores have had particular bikes stolen, leading store employees to believe their stores are being cased.
"It's not just something right by the window where you could just come in and take off and ride away with it. They knew exactly which bikes they were looking for." says Stratton. Pro Cycling has had to add steel cages to their store, something that doesn't come cheap. "It definitely makes it harder for us in the long run." explains Stratton, "It's an added expense for us with insurance and such."

Police believe many of the bikes are being taken apart and sold. So if you see a deal that looks too good, it just may be hot. "If you find an $8000 road racing bike frame that's selling for $1200, you've got to call shenanigans." says Whitlock. Fortunately police say in most rings such as these they do make arrests. If you have any information on these bike thefts you are asked to call CSPD.



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