Nov 25, 2011 3:21 PM by Dr. Anya Winslow, Michael Macias

Black Friday rush in the Springs

Black Friday was off to a healthy start in the Springs.

Starting at 4:30 am, News 5 headed over to the Southgate Shopping Center in Colorado Springs to check out the crowds and lines outside two of the stores. Both shopping experiences were a little different.

One recommendation from seasoned Black Friday bargain hunter Bobbi Burgard, "Get in line two hours early," she says. She's no stranger to the holiday's shopping extravaganza. She's been shopping on Black Friday for the past ten years looking for the best bargains.

Burgard's strategy, "Gotta be first in line. Gotta know what you're getting. Gotta have it all planned out with your ads and you gotta know what time the stores open."

The line outside the Gordmans, where Burgard was standing, was long. Doors didn't open until 5 am; however the first to get in have been waiting at the front doors since midnight. Once they opened, crowds poured into the store. These anxious and happy customers couldn't wait to attack those isles.

Next door, at Office Depot, the crowd was quiet and calm. In fact, it was only a several dozen people long, but buyers were fully aware of the bargains.

As Ryan Broyles says about his possible laptop purchase, "Well, I know I'm saving exactly $230 dollars."

The Office Depot also has a slightly different protocol when serving their customers. Around 30 minutes before opening their doors, sales clerks come outside and work their way down the line, consulting with every customer.

"You'll know whatever you'll get what you want before you even go into the store. So, it takes the casualty out of it," says Broyles.

Their policy of handling the crowds enables those who arrive early to get the opportunity to get the product they want first -- that is, if it is in stock.

We caught up with Broyles while he was standing in the checkout line to see if he was able to get what he came for and he says, "We're set to jet along with some other ridiculous items."

So, for many early risers like Broyles, the Office Depot method seems to be an effective and easy way for some to walk away happy.



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