Apr 15, 2014 12:42 AM by Maddie Garrett

Blood Moon Draws Star Gazers and Religious Groups

A spectacular sight in the sky is drawing the gaze of many Monday night into early Tuesday morning. A lunar eclipse called a blood moon was visible for a few hours overnight. Astronomy enthusiasts weren't the only ones looking to the skies, some religious groups believe the blood moon is a divine sign.

Rebbe Michael Marks is looking in the scriptures and looking to the heavens.

"When we see things like this it reminds us of God's presence in our life," said Marks.

A blood moon is unique in itself. But a blood moon on the Jewish Holy day of Passover is a miracle.

"The idea that the mathematical probability of it falling directly on Jewish holidays, that's what's significant. And that's when it quits being a coincidence and starts being a miracle," explained Marks.

He said it's especially important because the next blood moon is set to fall on another Jewish holiday, Sukkot, on October 8, 2014th. Marks only has to look back in history to know the blood moons are significant.

"We look at the (Spanish) Inquisition as a time when the moon appears blood. When we look at the creation of Israel as a state which is a good thing, we also have the blood moon that appears there," said Marks.

Texas Pastor John Hagee said he believes the blood moons are a sign of the end times, pointing to references of a "moon as blood" in the Bible.

"Is it a sign of the end times? Yes. And a sign of the beginning times. One thing ends so another can begin," Marks replied to those claims.

The sun's shadow is also drawing the gaze of CSU-Pueblo physics instructor Walter Russell.

"I think it's just fascinating," said Russell.

He explains the blood moon like this:

"You see that whole red ring around the earth caused by the earth's atmosphere, you see that sunset ring all the way around it. And so the earth's shadow is actually full of red light," he explained."

While a lunar eclipse can happen twice a year, this one is special because we'll have a perfect, unobstructed view.

"You kind of feel like you're in the middle of a science fiction movie, it's pretty neat. If you haven't seen it you should take a look," said Russell.



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