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Apr 14, 2014 7:30 PM by Meteorologist Valerie Abati

Blood Moon Overnight, Brief Warm Up Tuesday

The BLOOD MOON occurs tonight!  If you haven't heard about that, it's the first of four total lunar eclipses to happen through 2015.  The Blood Moon gets it's name because of the amber/blood-red hue that will be given off by the refraction of the Earth's light.  The eclipse starts here in Colorado around midnight.  The total eclipse will be from ~1-2:30 AM.  If you're up around this time, you should be able to see it as the skies will be mainly clear.

Tuesday we get a nice little breather from the clouds, snow and cool temperatures from the past couple of days.  Temperatures will climb 20-30 from Monday to Tuesday.  And with mostly sunny skies, it'll at least help us to remember what Spring is suppose to be like.

But the sun and warmth won't last long.  A storm dips south from Canada and brings us another cool down for Wednesday and Thursday.  The showers associated with this storm will start to move in after lunch Wednesday.  Rain will continue through the evening with some of these showers changing to snow overnight.  Right now, the computer models want to keep the upper atmosphere mild.  This would mean freezing rain for the morning commute Thursday.  But should the temperatures dip even more, then the rain would change over to snow.  Either way, Thursday morning could be a mess.  Showers will continue on and off through the day as most areas will stay in the 30s for highs.

Now for some good news... once we get through Thursday, the weather improves!  Sunshine starts to return and temperatures climb.  Your Easter weekend looks mild with temperatures in the 60s and possibly low 70s.  This would be great weather for any Easter egg hunts!

Enjoy the brief warm up Tuesday... Meteorologist Valerie Abati

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