May 12, 2010 11:37 AM by Bea Karnes, News First 5

Born without hands, Artura inspires

Every life has defining moments that can change the person forever. For one Utah man, he took cruel comments and turned them into his motivation.

Artura Bahena has heard it all. A.B., as his friends call him, was born without hands.

"God might send us like this but we also have a gift that he gives us," said Bahena.

Surprisingly enough, that gift, he says, is shooting pool.

"About six years ago I was working at a bowling alley," Tim said. "[A.B.] came up to my manager and told him if he could beat him in a game of pool he had to give him a job."

It was a game A.B. easily won.

A.B., a father of four, is also great at bowling. And the nicknames have changed.

"And instead of saying, ‘Hey, there's the guy with no hands,' they'll say, ‘There's the guy who helped me shoot pool,' or, ‘There's the guy who showed me how to bowl. He inspired me,'" A.B. said.

And the kind words of one man in a similar situation made all of the difference in the world.

"He said, ‘Because of you, here I am, and I'm living my life,'" A.B. said. "That is worth more than a thousand, million dollars."


A.B. says he'd like to become a motivational speaker, and maybe one day, the first handicapped pool champion.



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