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Sep 7, 2013 10:50 PM by Tony Spehar -

Both sides spend Saturday pushing for voters in recall election

The Tuesday election that will decide whether State Senate President John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) is coming fast and both sides launched efforts to get voters to the polls early Saturday morning.

Up until the final minute of voting on Saturday supporters of Senator Morse and those calling for his recall lined up outside of polling locations for their last chance to sway voters as they headed to the polls. At Recall John Morse headquarters in downtown Colorado Springs Campaign Coordinator Tamra Farah made sure hundreds of phone calls were made by volunteers to potential voters.

"Everyday counts once polls open which of course we all know they opened on Thursday for early voting," Farah explained. "You just run hard to the finish line you never take anything for granted or think you've won or got it in the bag at any point before that final hour strikes."

Early in the morning volunteers from Winning With Women, a grassroots organization, canvased neighborhoods and visited over 2,000 homes in Senate District 11. State Director of Winning With Women Leslie White said the group is opposed to Sen. Morse's stance on gun control, taxes and other issues relating to women.

"We're going to make history on Tuesday September 10th, our goal is to make sure that John Morse is recalled and we can make that happen," White said.

But at the headquarters of A Whole Lot of People for John Morse volunteers were working to make sure Morse stays in office. They too started early in the morning.

"We've been out talking to voters, we had about 200 people here this morning, they hit the street around 10:30," explained Campaign Manager Christy Le Lait. "They've been going door to door talking to everybody."

As of Saturday night 3,923 Republicans, 3,081 Democrats and 2,351 unaffiliated voters had cast ballots which leaves the outcome of the recall election far from certain.

"It's important just to let people know where they're voting, how they can vote, you have people who are still waiting for mail-in ballots that aren't coming," Le Lait said. "So it's important that we're out talking to everybody."

So far 9,485 voters have been cast in the election since voting began last Thursday. Early voting resumes on Monday with the election being held on Tuesday.



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