Apr 26, 2013 7:27 PM by Bill Folsom

Boulders removed from Highway 24 near Manitou Springs

The massive boulders that came crashing down on Highway 24 west of Manitou Springs earlier this week were blown apart and removed Friday. The big job that also draws attention to an issue that can be monitored, but can't be stopped.

"Our geo technical folks came down from Denver to evaluate the slope stability before we actually did anymore work in there," said CDOT Highway Maintenance Supervisor, Gary Heller. The crews found a couple of other concerning spots on the rock slope that crews will come back in a week or two to remove. It brings stability back to this spot for now, but up and down the canyon the issue never stops. "We have people monitoring the corridor every day. Somebody specifically to look at what the condition is of the adjacent area to it."

It is also the issue will magnify this year. The Waldo Canyon Fire stripped hillsides, which means even more water will run down to rock slopes on the edge of the highway. Water seeping into rock cracks is what causes rocks to break away and fall onto the road.



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