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Aug 21, 2013 10:26 PM by Olivia Deas

Bracelet Found in Black Forest Fire Ashes

Even months after the Black Forest Fire, many of its victims are still sifting through the devestation.

Carol Berges is one of those victims. The fire burned her family's home on her husband's 60th birthday. They were returning from a weekend vacation when they were told they had one our to gather their things and evacuate.

When they came back, they found that the fire had left them with nothing.

"Everything, absolutely everything. It was taken to ground level" said Carol Berges.

Berges and her husband own a jewelry store in Colorado Springs. Of the many things lost in the fire, a diamond bracelet Berges had bought from her jewelry store, was lost somewhere in the ash.

Berges has many pieces of jewelry being a jewelry store owner, but this one was special.

"Its just something I earned over the years"

But later, something miraculous happened. A Baptist volunteer group out of Tennessee spent several hours searching through the ash, and found the bracelet.

"They gave me a small section of items that they had found, and among them was the bracelet. And that was a happy moment for me."

And for Berges, it offered her a small ray of hope that everything might just be ok.

"The bracelet is like the phoenix, it rises from the ashes."




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